Ratman and Robin

Ratman and Robin: The Attack of Catman and the Meows

K.A. Bolton's first book in the Ratman and Robin Series is packed with action and entertainment. It is an easy, fun read for kids and adults.

This is a fascinating book for you to read, share with your Children or Grand Children, or a nice gift for a loved one.

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Go on a Journey with "Ratman and Robin: The Attack of Catman and the Meows"

Dive into the action packed thrill of Ratman and Robin as they take on Catman and the Meows in a beastly combat to try and stop their diabolical plan that will spell disaster for the human they love!

You won’t want to miss the action that unfolds.

This book is an entertaining compilation of action pack thrill that kids and adults will enjoy! 

Read this book to your Child or Grand Child and they will be asking you to read it over and over again!


What is the Story About?

Squeaker is a pet rat, and like all pet rats he HATES cats. He has hated them ever since they killed his parents and made him an orphan – but the good news is, he was taken in by 8-year-old Billy and his parents, and he loves them dearly. Squeaker thought he could put the past behind him…. but as he soon discovers, he was wrong.

Now, Squeaker has a big problem – Cats are in town, and they’re up to no good.

To protect his new family, Squeaker and his best friend Birdie must transform into their caped-crusader alter egos: Ratman and Robin! With the cats on the prowl, the fearless pair must take them on in a series of action-packed combat and daring escapades.

Will Squeaker be able to stop the cats and save his family this time around, or will he lose it all?

Laugh-out-loud funny, entertaining, and packed with action, Ratman and Robin is the perfect gift to get your child off screens and into books! Resolve to grow a reader – give your child, grandchild, student, niece or nephew the gift of reading!


It’s impossible to read a superhero book without fierce action scenes. Don’t miss the Action!


Fly out into the night with Robin. Ride out with Ratman in his sleek wip. Hold tight! It’ll be a fast ride. Warning: Be prepared to be whisked away.


Unravel the mystery of Catman’s diabolical plot. See how Catman and the Meows plans to pull this off!

Get your copy Today

Only $3.99 on Kindle
Only $10.99 on Paperback

Read this fun book to my grandson at bed time while lying in his bed and the excitement kept him awake. And he kept wanting a Ratman for his own. He will be glad to trade his brother for a Rat.

– kent Leary
GoodReads Reader

Ratman and Robin got my 2nd grader to start reading. She had HATED reading and had seriously been struggling until she read this book. She read the book multiple times and all of a sudden she was hooked on reading for good. Some of the words are a little advanced but it gets her to look them up on google or ask me what they means.

– Darly Lara
Amazon Reader

Ratman and Robin: The Attack of Catman and the Meows is definitely worth it! If you are looking for something that you could enjoy, have a good laugh, stimulates your mind and imagination, has a good mixture of mystery and has a truly resplendent storyline that you and/or your children can enjoy, then you should definitely get this book.

Ashley Green
GoodReads Reader