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About K.A. Bolton – Author of Ratman and Robin: The Attack of Ratman and the Meows

K.A. Bolton is the author of Ratman and Robin: The attack of Catman and the Meows.

He discovered his passion for writing at the age of 11. He has written a series of short stories which have won numerous awards.

Rejoicing in the success of other authors, he has been a ghostwriter for several author, which have become bestsellers.

When he is not writing, he enjoy spending time with his family and friends or his cat, Milly and dog, Myron.

He gets his inspiration for writing from different mediums such as reading something, or maybe listening to music or even just waking up with an idea.

He has an unusual writing habit, writing with pencil. He believes that there is something classical about writing with pencils, and that there is a inherent connection between the pencil and his mind that allows the ideas to flow fluently. He never writes with a pen. His drafts are always with a pencil and then once done, he types it out on the computer.

K.A Bolton’s advice for anyone who wants to become a writer is, “If writing is a passion of yours, ensure to pursue it with unrelenting vigor. Always jot your ideas down, never waste an ideas or delay it for another moment. If it comes in the middle of the night, or while traveling on the bus, or even at work, the moment you get the opportunity, write it down. Also read a lot, trust me I can tell you. Reading enhances your writing skills and is expedient in your overall cognitive ability.”

K.A. Bolton is working on his second book in the series for Ratman and Robin. If you’d like to be the first to know when the second book for Ratman and Robin is available, sign up to our mailing list here:


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